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Basketball Collections! Championing Parasport!

T-Shirts and merchandise with these empowering & inspiring images of all girls and boys who love Basketball! Available from my Teemill and Zazzle stores! For merchandise click:

and for T-Shirts click the link below! Show your commitment to parasport and shop with Busy Life!

Diversity Designs Inclusive Basketball Collections Video

This video sums up the clothing and merchandise on offer in the Diversity Designs Inclusive Basketball collections. Inclusion means empowering and inspiring designs with parasport as its focus.

Shop today, and support the world's first truly inclusive range that supports all basketball players, however, they play! #thinkINC #lovebasketball #lovewheelchairbasketball

New and exclusive to Diversity Designs!

Buggy Running Mums!

Busy Life is excited to announce the addition of a design that celebrates all you fabulous Buggy Running mums! T-shirts from Teemill (click SHOP NOW!) & merchandise from

Busy Life announces affiliation!

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Diversity Designs™ 

When I started Busy Life, I imagined an e-commerce business that uses our collective purchasing power to do good. Moving forward, I also want Busy Life to do good for its’ supporters. Building on the concept of affirmations, I want everyone to be able to see and buy empowering and inspiring images like them. To do so, I have created the Busy Life Diversity Designs™ range.

Not all runners super fit, super slim, under 25, and able-bodied. This is why I have created the "Diversity Designs™" "Run, girl, run!" and "Run, boy, run!" collections, to encourage confidence to run whatever size, shape, age, or ability you are and to celebrate your running! The collections are truly inclusive with a focus on parasport. They embrace diversity, encourages you to move more, and improve your physical health and mental wellbeing.  Please, note! These T-Shirts are not to wear whilst you are running. They are to wear in-between times to; 1) celebrate your running; 2) encourage you to run more; and 3) to spread the word about this wonderful sport and encourage others to give running a go! New for 2020, is my "Basketball Player" collections. They are an integral part of the Diversity Designs™ range, and have exactly the same inclusive ethos.

All items are available to purchase from either my Zazzle or Teemill stores! Remember, a donation with every purchase to the Busy Life charity of the month!


The Range

So, introducing the Busy Life "Run, girl, run!", "Run, boy, run!"  and "Basketball" collections. These collections of clothing and accessories with empowering and inspiring images of girls and boys like you! As always, parasport is at the heart of this collection. Each design also includes an affirmation, a phrase that identifies you (or at least part of you!) Repeating your affirmation out loud, a number of times a day, helps you feel better. 

All these collections celebrate the athlete in you, whatever your size, shape, age, race, or ability. A truly inclusive range that embraces diversity, encourages you to move more, and improves your physical health and mental wellbeing. Just choose the product and then the design that you most identify with, the choice is yours! 

The collections are now available on Zazzle (merchandise) and Teemill (T-shirts and Tote Bags) in the Busy Life "Diversity Designs™" stores. Just press "SHOP NOW" to access the stores.


Image Themes

 The "Run, girl, run" & "Run, boy, run!" collections consist of:

Curvy Runners (me!)

Slim Runners

Blade Runners

Young Runners

Physically Impaired Runners (amputees and wheelchair users)

Visually Impaired Runners

Empowering and inspiring designs of parasport are at the heart of our collections.

The "Basketball" collections have wheelchair parathletes & able-bodied boys and girls. There are also Muslim girls playing basketball wearing their hijabi. I hope my choice of titles is something you all feel comfortable with. If not, please, let me know!

So far, I have developed T-shirts, tote bags, phone cases and beach towels, laptop wallets, mouse mats, and magnets to name a few! My aim is to offer for sale merchandise at a range of price points. Diversity Designs™are products that enable the athlete in every girl and boy to be encouraged and celebrated!