Everyone welcome. This forum is to tweet, retweet and like everything positive about #disABILITY.

The Inclusion Hour!

Did you know Busy Life runs an Inclusion Hour on Twitter every week? Anyone can join in with #thinkINC to tweet, retweet and like everything positive about disABILITY. It’s Mondays at 630pm. Just follow me on Twitter @busylifeandme #thinkINC #disABILITY

Every week, people join in to share their experiences of #disABILITY & ideas  to promote inclusion.

Inclusion Hour Topics

Each week, there's a topic to Tweet about in the Inclusion Hour. To date we have covered issues including:

  • Therapy animals
  • Models of disABILITY
  • Train travel
  •  Normalcy
  • Communication
  • Employment
  • Film & TV
  • Social barriers

If you have suggestions for topics for future weeks please, let me know & spread the word about this hour!

New for 2020!

The Inclusive Question of the Week!

The Busy Life “Inclusive Question of the Week” runs from 730pm to midnight after the "Inclusion Hour." If there’s something you want to ask about #disABILITY , DM me on Twitter. I’ll pick one question to answer, anonymously.  I'll tweet the answer the following Tuesday & record it on this page too! Views my own!

About Us

13th January

Boy with Achondroplasia.

"What is a disABILITY?"

You’re disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ & ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities".

However, I think this definition is from the perspective of neurotypical & able-bodied people who make up the majority of the population & make the law. What do you think?  #thinkINC #disABILITY

19th January

Model in a Wheelchair.

“What is the difference between diversity & inclusion?” 

Diversity is understanding that each individual is unique whereas inclusion is embracing everyone as valuable members of their communities.

However, for me, I like this definition:   Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. How does that sound? #thinkINC #disABILITY 

26th January

Girls signing, "Love".

 "What do we mean by normal?" 

The word ‘normal’ entered the English language in about 1840. It can be defined as “constituting, conforming to, not deviating or different from, the common type or standard, regular, usual”.

Before this, the concept of the "ideal" prevailed. The "ideal" was the preserve of God & unachievable by the human. "Normal" introduced the correct & preferred way of being human, &, therefore, the concept of disABILITY. For me, there's no "normal" human, only a "typical" form. Do you agree?  #thinkINC #disABILITY

3rd February


"What is a social barrier?"

A social barrier is something, that is not physical that stops someone with an impairment doing something. Social barriers are the attitudes of individuals or groups of individuals in society.  An example would be a child not being able to stay for an activity after school as the Head Teacher won't put in any additional support to facilitate this. For adults, this could be not being invited to join a conversation and being ignored.

For me, it's a lack of kindness and thought of the majority able-bodied and neurotypical population. The answer, once again, is kindness. Do you agree? #thinkINC #disABILITY

10th February


"What language should I use when referring to someone who has a disABILITY?"  

There's no right or wrong answer! For me, it's about using the term the person you are referring to feels most comfortable with.

So, this could be a person with autism or autistic. Equally, this could be blind, a person with a visual impairment or visually impaired. I think the important thing is to ASK THEM! Then use the term they prefer. What do you think? #thinkINC #disABILITY

17th February


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