#ialso100 2020 Award!

#ialso100 2020 Award!

#ialso100 2020 Award!#ialso100 2020 Award!#ialso100 2020 Award!

Joanna has been named as one of the #ialso100 2020 inspiring female business leaders across the UK! A great honour!


The Busy Life Inclusive Business of the Week!

Introducing My Mood Stars as the 13th January Inclusive Business of the Week! Run by the lovely Wendy, she has created Mood Stars as a fun & innovative way to help children recognise their emotions. Why not take a look? www.mymoodstars.co.uk  More info on my Inclusive Business of the Week page! 

The Busy Life Charity of the Month January 2020

The Shakespeare Schools Foundation

I'm running the @LLHalf on the 29th March 2019  for the Shakespeare Schools Foundation. An amazing charity that enables children not only to watch but to perform Shakespeare. If you could sponsor me I would be very grateful. 13.1 miles is a long way! @ssf_uk @LLHalf In addition, a donation will be made from every sale!

Busy Life Awards

Kym Crosby, US Paralympian, T13 100m,  in her Diversity Designs™️ T-Shirt & Parasports World.
Kym Crosby, Paralympian Medalist supports Diversity Designs™

Diversity Designs™️, Kym Crosby, and Parasports World

Parasports World, posted today on social media, "We’re delighted to announce that during October we will be collaborating with Diversity Designs, a range of clothing that “represents and celebrates all variations of people in sport”.

Nominated for a Disability Smart Award, Diversity Designs have teamed up with Paralympic Medallist Kim Crosby to talk about sport and inclusion, an article which will be released exclusively via Parasports World".

I am honoured and delighted that Diversity Designs™️ is supported by Kym and Parasports World. 

Read the full story at https://www.parasports.world


busy life diversity designs™

Announcing additions to the Diversity Designs™ range! Images inspired by my lovely daughter. As a little girl, she loved plaits! I've very fond memories of plaiting her hair (a lot!) So, I've added this image, for all girls who run, to my "Run, girl, run!" collection. I hope you all like them as much as I do! 

Lots of lovely products available from my Zazzle store, e.g., mouse mats, fridge magnets, beach towels, drinks bottles, and phone cases. From my Teemill store T-Shirts are available to buy! Wear your T-Shirt after your run, to celebrate your latest achievement and to encourage you to run again! Also, to open a conversation with someone who might just like to join the wonderful world of running. Each product contains an affirmation that supports good mental health.

Just choose the product and then the design that you most identify with, the choice is yours! The "Run, boy, run! collection is available, with the "Run, girl, run!"collection, on Zazzle in the Busy Life "Diversity Designs™" store. 

https://www.zazzle.co.uk/store/diversity_designs/collections T-shirts can be bought from the Teemill; www.Diversity-designs.teemill.co.uk.

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