Mother's Day Exclusive Design!

Mother's Day Exclusive Design!

Mother's Day Exclusive Design!Mother's Day Exclusive Design!

Exclusive for Mother's Day! A design that celebrates all you fabulous mums who run, whilst pushing your little one! 

The Busy Life Inclusive Business of the Week!

Accessible Holiday Escapes

#Ad Introducing Accessible Holiday Escapes as the 3rd February Inclusive Business of the Week! Every property they list has accessible features that may fit what you need & might make that holiday search a little easier.  Visit & my Inclusive Biz of the Week page to find out more! 

The Busy Life Charity of the Month February 2020

Free Kids Books

Free Kids Books is a growing library of unique children’s books, literary resources, and textbooks for children and young adults, available online and for download. 

They provide easy access to great free children’s books and educational resources, for enjoyment, to promote improved literacy and thus improved lives. 

Busy Life Inclusive Services, Campaigns & Collaborations

bellabops Affiliate

The bellabops logo

#Ad I'm so excited to announce that Busy Life is now an affiliate of bellabops! bellabops sells funky leggins! They are bright, compressive (no belly wobble or chub rub!) and wash time and time again without loosing elasticity or shape. Just looking at their prints and designs makes me smile! 

bellabops was created by a runner who wanted a change from the High Street norm of dull, black leggins & wanted to increase her visibility when running at night. Unable to find any, she invented her own and bellabops was born!  Products include capris and leggins. They have SALE, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT AND TENNER DEALS! 

Should you be so kind as to click through from my website, I may be paid a small referral fee for your purchase. 

Want to find out more? Just click the action button below! 

Letters & Poems for Pets


#Ad I am excited to announce my collaboration with the Pet Bereavement Support Network. Pets are like family. It is a bond like no other. So, when that bond is broken, they ensure that clients receive exceptional support when it comes to helping them through their grief.

I am now writing letters and poems to support owners who have sadly lost their beloved pet. I think this will help someone to grieve and come to terms with their loss. In addition, the letter or poem can be framed and displayed as a reminder of the happy times they shared.

You can find this unique gift in the "Busy Life Letters and Poems" Shop Category. The product you need to select is "25 Lines of Love". To find out more about the Pet Bereavement Support Network just click:

Prints for Pets

Lotte Begs Designs

#Ad I am delighted to announce my collaboration with Lottie Begg Designs. Lottie creates personalised prints to brighten up your home. 

The very talented Lottie has taken my "25 Lines of Love" letter to my beloved dog, Barnaby, and created a stunning print. I'm delighted to be offering a custom print by Lottie as an "add on" to my "25 Lines of Love" letter. Both can be written for anyone or any pet to tell them how much you love them. In addition, buying both gets you the letter and print at a discounted price! 

You can find both these unique gifts in the "Busy Life Letters and Poems" Shop Category. The product you need to select is "25 Lines of Love". To find out more about Lottie's prints just click:


I'm very proud of all of these!

Busy Life Awards


The Running Awards 2020

Great news! I’m through to the next round of the Running Awards! If you could vote for me, it’s FREE, I’d really appreciate it. You can vote for Diversity Designs™️ In the women AND men’s clothing small categories! Just click the link below! #thinkINC #disABILITY #run 


Busy Life Diversity Designs

The Diversity Designs Range

The Diversity Designs™ range is made up of two collections, "Run, girl, run!" and "Run, boy, run!".  Products with inspiring & empowering images of runners, however, they run. I hope you all like them as much as I do! Merchandise can be bought from my Zazzle store & T-shirts & Tote Bags from my Teemill store.


Busy Life SmileClouds

The SmileCloud Range

Use your SmileCloud purchase to make you smile! What better gift than the gift of a smile?! T-Shirts -  you can choose one of our favourite SmileCloud quotes or have a customised one made! To customise, email Other merchandise can be customised by you on our Zazzle store.

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