Smile! with Busy Life

The magic of sharing your smile is in it's ability to make not just you, but others that little bit more happy and healthy.

Smiling has a positive effect on a person's health and well being. You smile and you feel better. Even better, share that smile and you might make someone else feel better! As I say on my home page, for me, what society needs are more little acts of kindness that can collectively result in the power to do good. Sharing a smile with someone is one of the easiest little acts of kindness that someone can do and it's free! So, on this page, I have added some photos that have and still do make me smile. I hope they raise a smile from you!

 I would also like to include photos taken by Busy Life supporters that make them smile. Photos need to have been taken by you. Please, no real, identifiable people, but anything else, e.g., cartoons, views, landscapes, flowers, pets etc will probably be fine. 

Please, note, all photos are anonymised and moderated to ensure they reflect our company ethos! I look forward to hearing from you! I hope you have seen something today that has made you smile, and that maybe, you have been able to share that smile with someone. 

Every morning, across social media, I post a SmileCloud. In the gallery below I'll be adding those I've recently posted. I hope they cheer your day and give you a reason to smile and share your smile! If you have a favourite smiley quote, please, let me know!

Busy Life supporters. This is who we are.