The Shakespeare Schools Foundation

For me, lots of life's lessons can be learned from the works of Shakespeare. This charity gives young people the opportunity to watch AND to perform as well. I'm also running the London Landmarks Half Marathon for them in March! If you'd like to sponsor me just click: 

Parkgate shopping centre. Less than 3 miles from the Busy Life front door.

The South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Appeal

An emergency appeal has been launched to support people who've been affected by the widespread flooding in the region. The Appeal supports families and local people who have been displaced from their homes and had their property damaged by the severe flooding. Every purchase from Busy Life, will result in a donation.


The British Hedgehog Preservation Society

In November, Busy Life is partnering with "The British Hedgehog Preservation Society".
Founded in 1982, it offers help & advice to sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs. A donation from every purchase! SHOP NOW! 

Charities - giving updates

August 2019 - Cory's Story


I am delighted to announce that in August 2019, Busy Life is supporting Cory's Story. Cory was born with multiple complexed medical and learning needs; including an extremely rare genetic condition called DYRK1a (only 200 people diagnosed in the world). This causes him to have learning disabilities, visual impairment, inability to verbalise and difficulties mobilising. 

As well as his genetic condition, Cory has many complexed medical needs including epilepsy and severe immune deficiency that makes him extremely susceptible to infection which he has to have special infusions for every three weeks in hospital. As well as the above, Cory has heartbreakingly been diagnosed with a life limiting neurological condition that causes his bowel to intermittently fail. Therefore, Cory is fed by two pumps via a tube into his intestine and he has a drain bag attached to help with his stomach contents. He also has an access line directly into his chest so he can have the majority of his medications. 

On a daily basis this condition causes this amazing little boy a lot of pain that he needs very strong pain relief for. But even with all of this going on cory is a fighter... his strength is unbelievable. He always has a smile for everyone...we are so very very proud of this amazing brave little boy.  

A donation to Cory's story with every purchase from Busy Life I August! Cory is three years old in August!

July 2019 - Activate


This month, Busy Life is partnering with the charity Activate based in Rawmarsh, Rotherham.The charity’s focus is the provision of recreational and leisure activities together with support for developing the skills, capacities, and capabilities of young people. To do so, they run a number of groups throughout the day and evenings, both in term-time and during the school holidays. 

Activate offers a range of activities including crafts, music, and play and provides opportunities to participate as volunteers. It’s an exciting time for Activate! The charity is developing its’ services with a focus on children with additional needs. Activate will be providing after school childcare from September. 

A donation to Activate with every purchase from Busy Life in July!  

September 2019 - Silk Life Food Bank

The Silk Life Foodbank

 I would like to introduce Busy Life supporters to the the Silk Life Food bank. Helping People in crisis - Silklife Foodbank was established in December 2010 in response to Macclesfield's growing need for on-the-spot emergency food boxes. 

Each foodbox provides 4-5 days of nutritional non-perishable food for those in their neighbourhood who have fallen on hard times and are temporarily unable to provide for themselves, often through no fault of their own. 

They  would normally provide up to 3 boxes (1 per week) in any one crisis and up to 3 crisis per year. Silk Life work in partnership with local support agencies and frontline care professionals such as Cheshire East Housing Options, Social Services and Macclesfield Accommodation Care and Concern (MACC). This ensures that they are able to reach the most vulnerable and needy people and families in our town who would otherwise go hungry. 

Silk Life Foodbank

is the Busy Life Ltd good cause of the month for September 2019. With every sale made a donation will be made. Please, shop today at

For more information on the work of Silk Life Foodbank, please visit

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