LIttle acts of kindness october 2019


What have you done today to make you feel proud?

These are the words of the wonderful Heather Small and I think they reflect the ethos of Busy Life. As I say on my home page, for me, what society needs are more little acts of kindness that can collectively result in the power to do good. So, I would like to record here the "little acts of kindness" that  Busy Life supporters are doing that are doing good. For instance, have you volunteered at an event, been on a litter pick, walked someone's dog, or put the spare change from your shopping in a charity box? If so, I want to hear from you!! To add to this page, please either email me at or message me via our Facebook page. Please, note, all posts are anonymised and moderated to ensure they reflect our company ethos! I look forward to hearing from you! I hope you have done something today to make you feel proud.

This month's Little Acts of Kindness

I let someone pass me in the swimming pool as they were much faster than me.

I offer free grief counselling to teens and young adults who have lost a sibling.

A local nursery leaves free books in the park for children to take home and read.

I have been given unwanted jewellery or jewellery components by some lovely people on Twitter for my up-cycled projects.

Just a big shoutout to all our followers [on twitter] who are always there putting a wee smile or a big belly laugh just when it's needed.

Friends here on Twitter with such kindness when my chronic conditions take a tumble checking in on me and keeping my profile busy when I'm not able.

The old lady who gave me a hug and comforted me at the vets. I was very upset after having to put my much loved hen, Blossom, to sleep.

I gave someone some of my shampoo to use at the swimming pool.

I always take a couple of novels to read when I go abroad.When I finish one I write the date, where it started off and where it was read on the inside cover, then leave it on a cafe table in the hope that others will pick it up, read it and do the same.

I hired a baby carrier and took my niece for a walk so my sister could get some sleep.

I looked after my friend's daughter when she had to travel for work.

I attended a Trustees meeting at a charity I volunteer with.

I spend one-on-one time with a teenager with autism so that her family can have a short break.

I fixed someones computer for free. In return he moved someone else's grass.

I volunteered at junior parkrun.

I walked a friend's dog.

Busy Life supporters. This is who we are.